We create communications not just to inform, but to inspire. From planning national brand conferences, to developing technology initiatives, our goal is always just a little bigger: To drive company performance by engaging employees.
SERVICES: Design, Employee Communications

LOFT Seasonal Tools & Communications


In retail new seasons mean new styles, new looks, new trends. It also means 9,000 store employees need to be informed and engaged.


We begin each new season with understanding LOFT's consumer-facing selling points to create a set of tools used as an insider-focused style advice guide that arm store Associates with product knowledge on a consultative level.

The result has created a point of difference for LOFT when Associates use style coaching to assist shoppers throughout their in-store journey.


LOFT has the highest employee engagement scores across all brands at ANN INC.

Nike Sole Branded Video


When top athletes and Nike partner the result must always scream innovation.


Athlete Sarah Reinertsen has a prosthetic leg—but thanks to a fitted tread called NikeSole, that prosthetic has the same competitive advances as an athletic sneaker. The patent is Nike’s, but the Sole product idea came from Nike employees inspired by Sarah’s story. The video's content strategy was all about the collaboration between Sarah and Nike to showcase the relationship between athlete and engineer.


Besides inspiring future innovation among other teams, the video became an intranet sensation and reminder why it’s the employees who make the brand.
SERVICES: Design, Employee Communications, Events, Internal Branding, Video

UGG Store Managers Conference


Decker's conducts an annual multi-day conference for their UGG retail store managers from around the globe so pulling employees off the retail floor for 3 days means it better be worth it.


As Decker's and UGG move their retail businesses into higher income areas, grow revenue and invest in their employees to provide a higher level of service, we created a motivational theme and visual identity for the event called "Elevate."

Five-hundred slides, 51 speakers and 24 videos later, the program was locked, shot, designed and presented. In addition to creative development, Vignette delivered presenter coaching, environmental design, and live event production management.


Global teams were engaged and excited, new and helpful content and materials were shared with the entire workforce to align with business priorities, and we still continue to see UGG as the most popular boot on the block.
SERVICES: Design, Employee Communications, Video

Ann Taylor & LOFT Credit Marketing Training


Training can feel uninteresting at times. Let's remove the "un" and inspire Ann Taylor and LOFT employees when educating them on the store’s consumer credit card programs.


When store associates pitch a credit card to a customer it means knowing the highlights, being able to answer detailed questions if necessary and recognizing the right time to approach a customer during their in-store journey. We created an engaging and informative interactive learning program, delivered by video that included real-world examples of conversations with shoppers in fitting rooms, on the floor, and at checkout.


The program was well received by store associates, managers and most importantly their customers as the Ann Taylor and LOFT credit card program continues to out-perform expectations for the company.
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In an always-on, real-time connected world, employees need to be engaged like consumers: where they are, and how they’ll best receive it.


Understanding the audience is at the core of strategic communications—and knowing how to engage is what gives messaging a true impact. It's the right content delivered in the right medium.

  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Communication Strategy
  • Employee Communications
  • Executive Communications
  • Presentations
  • Learning Curriculum


We leverage messaging and values developed as a brand, and extend those to internal communications. Just as this powers consumer loyalty, it helps drive employee loyalty, and employee success.

  • Internal Brand Development
  • Identity Design
  • Style Guides


Well-crafted design is at the heart of Vignette. In an increasingly visual world, the language of design enhances and expands emotional connections to brands.

  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Information Graphics
  • Instructional Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Print Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Exhibit Design


Technology gives companies better ways to connect, and brands who recognize this gain an advantage in connecting with employees. Video, social networks, mobile apps— we blend communications with technology to engage employees wherever they are.

  • Web Development
  • Application development
  • Mobile Development
  • Email and Text Campaign Management
  • Content and Asset Management
  • Enterprise Social Network Implementation
  • Learning Management Implementation


Video improves productivity and flexibility by connecting employees to their work. In a world where employees can create their own videos, they not only get to share the information that matters to them, they also get to feel personally connected to the company.

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production


Bringing employees together is where meaningful relationships are truly formed. We harness the power of the offline world to help drive content and connections through face time.

  • Concept & Theme Development
  • Presenter Coaching
  • On-Site Video Production & Post
  • Event Support
  • Post Event Support




Unlike most other agencies we focus on employees so they can better serve their customers. Our mission is to drive engagement from within by innovating internal communications.

Great communication isn’t amplifying the noise across channels or making the graphics more colorful. We believe driving engagement starts by giving employees the tools to connect to the company in meaningful ways, in turn helping them push the brand forward.



Our culture isn’t defined by a mission statement or marketing materials. It shows itself when our people bring their best everyday and work like a team to deliver solutions that drive value for Vignette and our clients. Our culture stands out during a brainstorm meeting to come up with a solution to a client’s challenge, working late to finalize a pitch for new business, at the local bar celebrating a win, or when a team member is in need of help and someone proactively pitches in.

Our people are better defined by their actions – that’s where you see our culture in full effect. From the newest member of the team to our senior leaders, support and dedication is embedded into how we approach our goals and how we work with each other to achieve them. We all own the outcome, we’re all pushing each other toward greatness, and most importantly, we’re all in this together.

Mike Lepis, Co-Founder, Creative Director

Mike Lepis

Co-Founder, Creative Director


Now: Agency-wide strategy and vision, content strategy and creative ideation and direction.

Then: Mike has been leading the creative development of brand communications for over 15 years. As an in-house team member at Nike and Sony he developed and managed programs in retail, internal, mobile and consumer marketing. Drawing on his experiences at these global brands, Mike expressed his entrepreneurial efforts and creative vision in 2000 as a co-founder at Lost Highway Pictures and then Alpha Multimedia Solutions in 2004. Vignette was founded in 2011 out of Mike's vision to create an agency focused on producing creative and meaningful brand communications to engage employees.

"Understanding people is the key to engagement. No idea or creative concept can connect with an audience if you don’t understand what they need and how they’ll best receive it."

Shona Lepis, Co-Founder, Marketing Director

Shona Lepis

Co-Founder, Marketing Director


Now: Define and execute the overall online marketing strategy to meet Vignette organizational objectives.

Then: With nearly 14 years of entrepreneurial experience, Shona has been a designer and marketer at a number of successful creative companies ranging from an ISP to managing her own boutique design studio with clients in the US and Europe. Shona is an active member of the Portland design community and has served on the board as Communications Director of the Portland chapter of AIGA and a founding member of Branding Salon, a consortium of brand, design, development and marketing professionals. Shona recently earned a certificate in Digital Marketing Strategies from Portland State University's Center for Executive and Professional Education. Her passions include Instagram, insightful design, collecting old rusty things and communications that connect.

"I'm passionate about marketing in all forms especially all the new social media channels. I love spreading the word about Vignette and all the great work we do."

Gregg Apirian, Managing Director

Gregg Apirian

Managing Director


Now: Agency-wide strategy and vision, operations, and business development.

Then: With nearly 20 years in entrepreneurial and executive-level roles, Gregg has been an instrumental leader at many respected agencies. Most recently he was CEO of DVELOP, EVP Digital at Trailer Park, EVP at Schematic (now POSSIBLE), and began his agency career as co-founder and CEO of BLITZ. Over the years his combined experience helped drive growth and delivery of digital innovation to clients like GE, Microsoft, The Coca-Cola Company, Target, Verizon, OWN, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Johnson & Johnson, HSN, Ann Taylor & LOFT, Nike and Reebok.

“I’m motivated by improvement in any sense. Seeing improvement lead to quantifiable results for our employees, clients and industry peers is my best definition of success."

Dave Stawinski, VP of Production

Dave Stawinski

VP of Production


Now: Responsible for agency-wide delivery of all projects and ensuring Vignette delivers its best work quickly and efficiently.

Then: With nearly 20 years of production experience working for leading digital agencies such as DNA Studios, BLITZ and Second Story, Dave has managed a large number of diverse projects and teams. Over the years he has managed important projects for clients like LOFT, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Honda, Anheuser-Busch, Sony Pictures, Disney, Microsoft, HP, the Library of Congress and others.

"Someone once said, 'Plans only last until the battle begins.' I would not hire that guy."


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