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We believe the employee experience is fully realized when physical environments, technology, and culture are all aligned to work in harmony. Companies known as a Great Place To Work are breaking down silos across departments to work as a team to deliver seamless employee experiences.

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Wondering what workplace trends you should be focusing on?

We recently had the honor of chairing the ALI 7th Annual Intranet & Digital Workplace Summit in San Francisco. It was great to meet all the attendees, but even greater to have walked away knowing that everyone thought the three days we spent together were incredibly useful. Some of us attended to find inspiration and others to provide inspiration, but we all walked away inspired and learned not just one but many things that we can take back to your companies.

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The Employee Experience Agency™

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Since our inception, Vignette has been an internal communications agency whose core purpose has been to help companies evolve their employee experience, enabling a more meaningful connection between employers and employees.

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