Why top companies rely on us.

Mastering the Customer Experience

Is no easy task.

Over the past decade, the effort required for a company to master the customer experience has increased exponentially. Technology has created opportunity, but it has also introduced an array of challenges by opening up new sales channels, increasing competition, and providing unlimited information and content at the customer’s fingertips.

To Create a Seamless Customer Experience

The business needs to transform.

The level of effort needed to create a seamless omni-channel experience, drive revenue, and sustain loyalty has forced the need for transformation. To meet the needs of the today’s customers, companies must attract and retain top talent to shape and drive the customer experience. Progressive companies are taking the same level of focus they’ve put on the customer experience, and applying it to employees and their experience.

Employees Power the Customer Experience

Are your employees prepared?

Since our inception, Vignette’s core purpose has been to help companies evolve their employee experience, enabling a more productive connection between employers and employees. Today, factors outside of just compensation—such as the office environment, tools and training, and advancement opportunities—play a much larger role in a candidate’s choice of where they’ll work, and an employee’s decision on whether they’ll stay.

What We Do

How we do it.

We enable HR and Internal Communication professionals with creative strategies that help them better understand their employee audiences, engage or activate their audiences, and align employees to the company’s core values and business objectives. We then transform our clients with the operational structure and processes to ensure the right mix of vision, ownership, experience, and skills. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company with robust resources, new to engaging employees or a seasoned veteran, if you’re looking to evolve your employee experience to improve employee engagement, let’s talk.

Our Specialists

Meet our team.

Mike LepisCo-Founder, Creative Director

As a Creative Director, Mike is responsible for developing insights and mapping them to the creative solutions that drive employee engagement for Vignette’s clients.

Gregg ApirianManaging Director

As the Managing Director of Vignette, Gregg is responsible for agency-wide vision and strategy, operations and finance, business development and engagement management.

Rhonda BlackwellDesign Director

Rhonda is responsible for leading concept development and translating those concepts into compelling visual designs that balance business objectives, creativity and learning experiences.

Jason Turner Strategist

Jason is responsible for leading Vignette’s strategy practice, helping clients determine clear objectives, measures of success, and strategic plans that drive employee engagement, activation and deliver results.

Shona LepisCo-Founder, Marketing Director

Shona is responsible for Vignette’s marketing practice, covering everything from agency brand aesthetics to positioning, managing the agency’s web and social presence, content marketing/blog, and supports business development’s needs.

Alison CliffordProducer

As a Producer, Alison manages clients and projects from planning to staffing, conception to deliverable design, and development through implementation.

Mike Gullickson Copywriter

As Vignette’s Senior Copywriter, Mike is responsible for transforming messaging strategies into written stories that easily connect with our client’s employee audiences and help to drive them to take action and/or feel engaged.

Brett EichenbergerDirector of Video Production

Brett plays an important role in relation to Vignette’s growing video production services, acting as our Director of Photography, capturing on brand video footage that is used to help our client’s tell their inside stories.

Our Clients

Like minds collaborating to evolve the Employee Experience.