IC round-up: impact of internal communication on employee engagement

June 1, 2015by Shona LepisEmployee EngagementThe EX RoundupInternal Communications


Welcome to our monthly round-up of articles and resources on internal communications and employee engagement. We tweet the articles and share on our social channels but in case you missed them here are a few of our favorites. The theme this month is the impact of internal communication on employee engagement.

Enjoy and please let us know what you’ve been reading in the comments section below.

  • #DThink Twitter Chat Recap: How Internal Communication Impacts Employee Engagement
    By Bruce Jones, Programming Director, @DisneyInstitute, @joneseybi
    “As we have seen, organizations often underestimate the importance of communication in the workplace, yet communication continues to be one of the single most important determinants of employee engagement and organizational effectiveness. At Disney Institute, we believe that when it comes to fostering employee engagement, an organization must be just as intentional about its employee communication as it is with its external communication. Why? Because, high-quality communication can actively reinforce culture, while low-quality communication can undermine culture.”
  • The State of Internal Comms – Academically speaking
    By Gloria Lombardi, Reporter @simplycomm, @lombardi_gloria
    Gloria Lombardi: Based on your studies, what are the most remarkable changes that internal communication (IC) has faced for the last five to ten years?

     Kevin Ruck: There have been two major forces. The first one is the impact of internal communication on employee engagement, which in turn is influencing the practice of the profession. We all know about employee engagement now – at least, it is a familiar term. But, ten years ago it was still emerging. What David McLeod and Nita Clarke of Engage for Success did in 2009 really highlighted the relevance of strategic narrative and employee voice. This has had big effects on the internal communication practice toward engagement.”
  • Employee Engagement Helps Drive Business
    By Rosalynn Vasquez, @RosalynnVasquez
    “It is often said that a company’s most valuable asset is its employees. Internal champions charged with embedding sustainability into their company’s culture know this to be true: Ask anyone who’s led corporate environmental or social responsibility initiatives, and they will tell you that employees can make or break any sustainability program. The success of other aspects of the business – from internal innovation to customer satisfaction – can also hinge on how well a company engages its employees.”

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