Podcast: Creating and implementing a successful internal communications strategy

February 6, 2018by Mike LepispodcastLeadership and StrategyInternal CommunicationsEmployer Branding


Podcast: Creating and implementing a successful internal communications strategy (webinar recording)

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Show notes:

Welcome to our second episode of ‘Inside Vignettes’, Vignette, The Employee Experience Agency. As we are working on new content for the Podcast, we thought we’d share a recording of a webinar on IC strategy we hosted with our friends at Poppulo. We produced a white paper covering our thoughts on IC strategy and how to go about wrapping your head around creating one for your organization. If the idea of ‘white paper’ does not float your boat, this podcast is for you.

Gregg and Mike discuss the critical importance of having an Internal Communications Strategy – and guide you through the steps for developing and implementing a strategy that places internal comms central to driving business goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the difference between tactics and strategy
  • Working with the four pillars to success
  • Using research & insights to remove the guesswork
  • The building blocks you need to create your strategy
  • Implementing your strategy

Poppulo Files:

Creating and implementing a successful internal communications strategy

White paper
The Ultimate Guide to Internal Communications Strategy

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Mike Lepis

As a Creative Director, Mike is responsible for developing insights and mapping them to the creative solutions that drive employee engagement for Vignette’s clients. Early in his career Mike worked for both consumer marketing and internal communication divisions at Nike. In event marketing, Mike saw how a strong brand can bring people together. In consumer marketing, Mike learned how modern practices and measurement shape effective messaging. In Latin American marketing, Mike was immersed in video and digital communications channels. And with internal communication, Mike saw how—when employees are challenged, encouraged, and supported—they will get behind a brand and its mission.