Published on Forbes: Making Your Business A Great Place To Work Requires More Investment Than You Think

February 28, 2017by Gregg ApirianLeadership and StrategyEmployee Engagement


The customer comes first. It’s an age-old maxim not without wisdom. Companies run on revenue, and revenue comes from customers. Therefore, customers are king. Could it really be that simple? Of course not… 

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Gregg Apirian

As the Managing Director of Vignette, Gregg is responsible for agency-wide vision and strategy, operations and finance, business development and engagement management. With nearly 20 years in entrepreneurial and executive-level roles, Gregg has been an instrumental leader at many distinguished agencies. Prior to Vignette Gregg was EVP, Digital Marketing at Trailer Park, EVP at Schematic (now POSSIBLE), and began his agency career as co-founder and CEO of BLITZ. Over the years Gregg’s leadership and combined experience drove growth, profitability and delivery of innovative and effective solutions for brands like GE, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Target, Verizon, OWN, Sony Pictures, NBCUniversal, Johnson & Johnson, HSN, Ann Taylor & LOFT, Nike, and Reebok.