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Jason Turner


Jason is responsible for leading Vignette’s strategy practice, helping clients determine clear objectives, measures of success, and strategic plans that drive employee engagement, activation and deliver results.

Over his 20 year career Jason has built and led both online and offline business—some from 0 to over 200 people. From packaged goods marketing; to spearheading global strategies for HP and Nissan; to leading a fast-fashion start-up and industry-wide innovations such as the first, and largest, HD music library by a major label. Jason brings the ability to work at all company scales and in a multitude of cultures. His skills as a strategist have guided brands like Nissan, HP, Walmart, SONY, Target, CVS and many others to growth and produce positive business results.

Jason has a core belief when in comes to engaging employee audiences: “Give a person a message and they will listen for a moment; give them meaningful experiences and they will embrace you for a lifetime.

When asked what he enjoys outside of work Jason will say “Cars that are too beautiful to drive and too fast not to; bicycles that jump too high and adventures that shouldn’t be taken.”