SpendWell Health Employee Activation Campaign

Introducing a new product and driving employee adoption.


SpendWell Health (a brand of Cambia Health Solutions) developed an online marketplace to transform the way people shop and pay for healthcare, specifically for routine services at competitive prices. Being wholly owned by Cambia Health Solutions, SpendWell Health had an opportunity to roll out the service as a pilot program with a select group of 5,000 Cambia employees located in the Northwest region.

Our Assignment

Help SpendWell collaborate with Cambia HR to raise awareness and communicate the benefits of the SpendWell solution to this targeted set of Cambia employees, to then convert them from enrollment through to paid users of the SpendWell product.

Establishing a Foundation

SpendWell’s target launch date of their new platform was fast approaching so we had to think and act fast to help introduce and promote the product to a segment of Cambia’s employees. We quickly identified the channels and budget available to us so we rapidly turned around a tactical plan, but the plan was dependent on first:

  • Understanding Cambia audience(s)
  • Understanding existing communication channels
  • Understand SpendWell and Cambia’s capabilities and where Vignette’s support was required
  • Developing key message points and hierarchy
  • Developing a Visual Center to define a visual tone and style through colors, typography, photography, and graphics
  • Developing a tactical editorial calendar to determine communication purpose and cadence

The outcome of the activities and deliverables quickly defined a phased approach in two phases. The first with an objective to introduce SpendWell to Cambia employees and drive sign up/enrollment. The second phase’s purpose was to communicate and convert enrolled employees to paid users of the platform.

From Strategy Through Creative Execution

Vignette lead the definition of business objectives, KPIs, segmentation of Cambia employee audiences, channel and tactical plans, editorial calendaring, targeted messaging, content strategy and development, and introduced incentives (Amazon gift cards) to encourage both enrollment and initial purchases. We initially announced SpendWell to the targeted Cambia employees through:

  • Messaging. Initial messaging introducing SpendWell and its USPs with CTAs driving sign ups. As we tracked enrollees through their journey to purpose we refined our messaging and USPs, we also changed CTAs to encourage purchase now behavior. Essentially bringing a retail messaging strategy to use for internal communications.


  • Channels. Email, Cambia’s Intranet, printed materials, the SpendWell website and landing pages, and local events.
  • Vehicles. Promotional Ad units for the Intranet, visually designed email templates and content designed to communicate product USPs and CTAs to drive action, a printed welcome kit mailed to the homes of employees who enrolled, which contained their Amazon gift cards, and lastly what we call Workplace Disruptions—creative in the form of branded SpendWell clings on walls, stairs, and cafeteria floors.


  • Campaign Management & Optimization. As content was published we helped SpendWell monitor activity and optimize creative “on the fly” to address where messages required refinement to drive action and/or conversion, creative refined to drive purchases and/or conversions, and reports delivered and analyzed to align SpendWell leadership and Cambia HR stakeholders of the campaign’s effectiveness.

A Proven Success

The campaign successfully activated the employee base and achieved the KPIs SpendWell desired. With the majority of the targeted Cambia employees signing up, SpendWell was able to use the data points and results to validate their business model to acquire more, new Employer clients.  

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