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Rhonda Blackwell

Design Director

Rhonda is responsible for leading concept development and translating those concepts into compelling visual designs that balance business objectives, creativity and learning experiences.

With over 15 years of experience leading creative initiatives for a multitude of world-class brands like Sony, Time Warner, Ann Taylor, LOFT and Victoria’s Secret, Rhonda has been integral in developing creative from the ground up. Her experiences ranges from executing multi-channel 360 campaigns to single channel solutions like print, digital and video. Rhonda’s sophisticated eye for brand and design enables Vignette to raise the bar for its clients whether it’s printed on paper, hangs on the wall, or is found in the digital ecosystem.

Rhonda firmly believes there is more way to skin a cat and she tries to take life not so seriously. Rhonda has also been a practitioner of yoga for over 17 years and has been known to do a mean down-dog. While Rhonda has spent the majority of her in Dallas and Los Angeles, she now resides in Portland with her husband and son.