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September 6, 2016by Shona LepisEmployee Engagement


Engaging employees, creating brand ambassadors and driving change & business results through effective internal communications

Please join us at the ALI Strategic Internal Branding Conference, Wednesday, October 26 – Thursday, October 27 in New York City. Our Managing Director, Gregg Apirian, will be leading a session on: “It’s Not A Presentation, It’s A Discussion: How To Successfully Translate Your Company’s Brand Into An Employer Brand.”

How To Successfully Translate Your Company’s Brand Into An Employer Brand

A company’s brand is based on its reputation in the marketplace for its products and services. That brand generally stands for what the company believes in and what it offers to its marketplace. A company cultivates and promotes their brand to differentiate itself from its competitors, and evoke loyalty from consumers who believe in what it stands for. But there’sanother angle to reputation that every company must manage—that as an employer.

What a consumer feels about a company and what a potential new hire or existing employee feels about that same company can be distinctly different. The employer brand determines the company’s reputation as a place to work.

In this interactive and thought provoking discussion as a group we will:

  • Address why employer branding is equally important to the customer brand
  • Discuss how to translate the customer brand into an employer brand
  • Explore effective examples of employer branding at work
  • Through a fun branding exercise, partner withother attendees to translate a brand statement intoan employer brand statement

Attend the Strategic Internal Branding Conference

Discover best practices to ensure your employees receive and believe in your brand message, senior leaders are open and transparent, and your organization delivers on its brand promise. Benchmark with your peers as you discuss and see case studies on how to leverage a cultural strength to enhance employee’s engagement in the workplace, create an authentic brand voice to turn the tables on those difficult customer conversations, roll out a new employee ambassador program to better understand their place.

Save HALF OFF by mentioning our speaker discount code “SPK1016.” To get more information or to register, see below or go to the conference website. Register by Sept 9 to save $400.

Shona Lepis

Shona is responsible for Vignette’s marketing practice, covering everything from agency brand aesthetics to positioning, and managing the agency’s web and social presence.