Author: Dave Stawinski


Discovery, Part II: We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

June 24, 2014by Dave StawinskiContent Strategy

We've talked about Discovery before. I wanted to take a second to approach the more philosophical side of the topic. In Plato's Republic, we find the "Allegory of the Cave." Long story short, it's a little parable he uses to describe education. It's a little cynical, and the upshot is: Your education is no more than an attempt by your gray matter to make sense of shadows on the wall of a cave in which you are imprisoned, the shadows themselves created in the least precise possible way, and by people who could not care less about helping you find truth.


Employee Engagement: Mission 70%

May 23, 2014by Dave StawinskiCultural Transformation

A SciAm article about workplace burnout got me thinking about what we at Vignette don't do. Or, more specifically, what our work is meant to prevent. Disengagement. Burnout. For the sake of this thought experiment, let's define "burnout" as employee disengagement in the extreme. When a person reaches this state, they are no longer a benefit to their team, whether or not they are conscious of it.