Blog Roundup: Why Employee Experience Is the Future of HR

February 6, 2017by Shona LepisThe EX Roundup


Welcome to our monthly round-up of articles and resources on internal communications, employee experience, and employee engagement. We tweet the articles and share on our social channels, but in case you missed them here are a few of our favorites.

In this month’s round-up we’re featuring articles on the Five top trends in talent acquisition to why the future of HR is to be responsible for the ultimate Employee Experience. The job market is still getting more and more competitive. Employers continue to compete for top talent and keep up with employees expectations of working at a fulfilling job. It goes without saying that employers need to win the hearts and minds of employees by providing a strong employee experience, a positive work culture, and clearly articulated company purpose.

Reignite Talent Sourcing — Bersin by Deloitte, @Bersin
“Bersin by Deloitte research shows that employment branding and social media have changed the way the talent acquisition function develops candidate pools and sources talent. Download the WhatWorks® Brief, Reignite Talent Sourcing, for an overview of the research.

Five Trends in Talent — The SHRM Blog, By Shonna Waters, @Shonna_Waters And Alex Alonso @SHRMKnwldgeSVP
In 2017, HR is expected to adapt to keep up with the changing business environment and evolving employee expectations.”

An ‘Employee Value Proposition’ Mindset Just Might Fix Employee Engagement  Forbes By Rodd Wagner, @Rodd_Wagner
“Every company has a customer value proposition; it is a clear, compelling reason why customers should do business with them,” wrote Michaels, Handfield-Jones and Axelrod. “Few companies are nearly as thoughtful about why talented managers should join and stay with them. However, the new battlefield is as much for talented people as it is for key customers. Companies need to apply the same rigor to people management as they do to customer management.”

Internal Communicators’ Unique Role in Employer Brand Management — By IoIC (The Institute of Internal Communication), @IoICNews
“The role that internal communicators play in employer brand management was the topic of a recent series of seminars by the IoIC London team. Over three events, we examined the ‘why’, the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ of employer branding.”

The future of HR: Create the Ultimate Employee Experience — By Gea Peper @BureauHappiness, Heleen Mes
“A new HR era has dawned. More and more organisations are realising that employees can only be at their best if they are really comfortable. If they can control things, if they can achieve something, and if they can contribute to a greater cause. Organisations that actively engage in the happiness of employees are more successful. This makes HR responsible for the ultimate Employee Experience and that goes beyond the traditional hire-to-fire cycle!”

How Recruiting and HR Will Change in 2017, According to LinkedIn’s Talent Leaders Brendan Browne, @linkedincareers
“We are three weeks in and there is no denying — 2017 is on. And, it’s going to be a busy year for recruiting and HR professionals alike. So, how will the industry respond to these – and many more – challenges in 2017? LinkedIn’s CHRO, Pat Wadors, and Head of Talent Acquisition, Brendan Browne, discuss the top six trends that will emerge in the world of HR and Talent Acquisition this year in their latest Talent on Tap episode.”

Shona Lepis

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