Blog Roundup: Employee Experience Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore in 2017

January 13, 2017by Shona LepisThe EX Roundup


In this months round-up, we’ve assembled some newsworthy articles starting with our Top 10 Trends to Focus on For 2017. Our growing economy, the recent election and fundamental shifts in employee expectations pose new challenges in the year ahead. For those dedicated to making your company the employer of choice and elevating employee experiences to new heights, we’ve analyzed all of these factors into a no-nonsense list of the things to spend your precious time and resources against to make you the hero your employees need you to be. Read on for other articles from the future of the work to why leaders should be great storytellers.

Lastly, thank you to our community of HR and Communication professionals for continuing to read and respond to the content we produce and for your efforts to make your company’s a great place to work. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and great success in 2017!

  • Vignette Top Trends for 2017 — By Vignette, @vignetteagency Wondering what your internal communications focus should be in 2017? Our list of Top 10 Employee Experience Trends for 2017 will help you elevate your employee experience values, making you an employer of choice, and a stabilizing force in the ongoing global sea of change.
  • ICology Podcast: Internal Communication Trends for 2017 — By Chuck Gose, @chuckgose, Host of the ICology Podcast @learnicology “It can be quite dangerous when it comes to making predictions in communications, but trends are something entirely different. They are thoughts or topics with energy, data and thought driving them. In this episode of ICology, listen to Gregg Apirian, managing director at Vignette, share eight trends for internal communicators to begin focusing on.”
  • 5 Work Trends Leaders Can’t Afford To Ignore In 2017 By Meghan M. Biro @MeghanMBiro in Forbes “2017 is shaping up to be a bumpy one for the world of work. Should we recalibrate and reallocate or stay the course? The strategies we take may carry us smoothly over some of the coming speed bumps. But we may be surprised by where some of the blind spots are.”
  • 25 IC experts on Internal Comms In 2017  By IC Kollectif,  @IC_Kollectif “We asked internal communication thought leaders from different parts of the world to answer the question: “What would be your biggest hope for the internal communication profession for the year 2017?” Their answers were published in 5 blog posts between December 19 to December 23. We are very grateful to the 25 IC experts who took the time to respond to our request.”
  • 7 Reasons Leaders Should Be Great Storytellers — By Matt Monge, @MattMonge “Leaders Should Be Great Storytellers because Stories Can Inspire. This is how movies become blockbusters. This is why, after hearing stories of heroism, we’re moved to action, driven by some unseen — and yet very felt — force. We’ve been inspired by the story. There are countless examples of inspirational stories that have moved people, groups, and even the world, to action.”
  • Elon Musk Turns a Tweet Into Reality in 6 Days By Loic Le Meur, @loic A great example of leadership being responsive, open, and accessible on social. 
  • Turn Your Staff Into a Sales Force By Greg Monaco, @gregmonaco in Entrepreneur “Your fellow employees. They are your very best marketers, salespeople and customer relationship managers and you may not even know it. Fred Reichheld, the creator of the Net Promoter score once wisely said, “You can’t have happy engaged customers without happy, engaged customer-facing employees.”

Shona Lepis

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