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Aligning Your Brand Promise with Your Internal Audiences to Improve Employee Engagement

March 12, 2015by Mike LepisEmployee EngagementRecruiting and RetentionInternal CommunicationsEmployer Branding

This past January we conducted a workshop at the ALI Strategic Internal Communications Conference in San Francisco on aligning your brand values to your with your internal audiences. Even with all the new trends, data, and channels you have to get to the heart of your message and who you are before you can roll out any five-star program.


Your people = Your brand, Insights into Employer Branding

April 17, 2014by Shona LepisRecruiting and RetentionEmployer Branding

In the über-brand-conscious world we live in, we form tribes around the brands we love. Are you a Mac or PC person? I myself am a diehard Apple fan. I’m pretty much attached to my iPhone. I love what a well-supported brand it is. When I need help I make a genius bar appointment and connect with a real person who is always very helpful and engaged.