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Use video to improve employee engagement at brand events

November 19, 2014by Mike LepisEmployee EngagementInternal CommunicationsStorytellingVideo

Events bridge the gap between leadership teams and field employees who are the face of your brand. Nothing you can do as a leader is better than putting face time in with the individuals that interact on a daily basis with your customers. How employees engage with your brand is just as important as how customers engage with your brand.


Video Messaging: The Right Way and The Wrong Way

September 24, 2014by Alison CliffordInternal CommunicationsVideo

We all love to watch videos, and, let’s be honest; we all love to watch videos at work. But while the latest Jon Stewart or Nicki Minaj clip might be a great mini-break during the workday, videos are also a compelling solution to deliver valuable information to your team or call them to action. A recent study shows that some tools such as email, newsletters, and blogs have become less effective, and 72% of internal communications teams are planning to increase their use of video.