EX Roundup: 2020 Global Employee Experience Trends + These 10 Trends Will Help You Transform Employee Communication in 2020

February 1, 2020by Katie WagnerEmployee EngagementLeadership and StrategyThe EX Roundup


Our hand-curated Employee Experience roundup features articles and resources, guidance, and inspiration for those who have a role and responsibility in shaping the employee experience. We include a variety of sources and topics ranging from internal communications, employer branding, content, employee communications & campaigns, HR trends, and workplace culture.

Earlier this month, we posted our own Top 3 Employee Experience Trends for 2020, in this edition of the Employee Experience Roundup, we gathered the top upcoming employee experience, HR, and workplace trends. Find out about employee experience trends happening in the US and around the globe. Plus, discover how you can transform your employee experience by investing in soft skills and employee wellness this year. 

Key Takeaways

Going forward it will be imperative that companies get continuous feedback from all of their employees so they can improve the workplace culture, engagement and employee journey. Companies need to ensure they are getting feedback from minority employees and their unique journey as workforces are becoming more diverse. In this upcoming year, successful companies will need to pay close attention to how the physical workplace affects employees’ mental and physical health. There is also a shift towards growing soft skills in managers. 

Top 7 Articles

Top 3 Employee Experience Trends for 2020 — Vignette, Katie Wagner @katiero
Let’s get right to it: in 2020, organizations will make significant investments in employee experiences to recruit and retain talent who will best deliver on the company’s brand.”

The Future of EX: 20 Predictions for 2020 — Qualtrics, Catherine Thurtle @Qualtrics @cathiethurtle
It will be imperative to collect feedback from targeted employee groups such as female or ethnic minority employees on their unique journey across their tenure at work. The organizations that do this well will be rewarded.”

2020 Global Employee Experience Trends — Qualtrics Report @Qualtrics
“[Around the globe there was a] 59% Engagement score of employees who said their company provides a feedback program and a 42% Engagement score of employees who said their company does not provide a feedback program” 

6 Workplace Trends for 2020 — Thrive Global, Rohia Munavar @Thrive @rohia_m
“Unlike previous generations, millennials and gen z look for more than just employee benefits and compensation in an organization to stay loyal to it. For these generations, it is important to understand how they are contributing to the bigger picture.”

4 Employee Experience Trends for 2020 Sapling, Jen Dewar @saplinghq @JenKnowsHR
“Most US workers say they would like to work remotely, at least part-time. Remote workers are happier, less stressed, and more productive. They waste less time commuting, contributing to a better work/life balance. It’s no surprise that companies offering remote work opportunities see 25 percent less turnover than those that don’t.”

Top 10 HR Trends That Matter Most in the 2020 Workplace Forbes, Jeanne Meister @Forbes @jcmeister
“Surprisingly, we found employees want the basics first: better air quality, access to natural light, and the ability to personalize their workspace. Half of the employees we surveyed said poor air quality makes them sleepier during the day, and more than a third reported up to an hour in lost productivity as a result.”

These 10 Trends Will Help You Transform Employee Communication in 2020 Inc., Alison Davis @Inc @alisonbdavis
“Organizations may be focused on helping managers learn technical skills, but the top priority should be soft skills—innovation, change management, and communication—according to a survey by Udemy for Business. That’s because managers are more important than ever for getting the best out of their team members. And technical competence doesn’t help managers motivate.”

Understanding the employee journey is key to creating a better employee experience. Want help transforming your employee experience? Let’s talk!

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