Employee Experience Roundup – Discover how to use storytelling for creating engaging internal comms, why you need an employer brand and how to use recruitment marketing to attract top talent

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Welcome to our weekly hand-curated Employee Experience Roundup of articles and resources, guidance and inspiration for those who have a role and responsibility in shaping the employee experience. We include a variety of sources and topics ranging from Employer Branding, Content, Employee Communications & Campaigns, Recruitment Marketing, and workplace culture.

In this week’s roundup, discover how to use storytelling for creating engaging and memorable internal comms. Plus learn why in this competitive job market it’s essential to define an employer brand, and how leading companies are using recruitment marketing to attract top talent, and more.

Internal Comms Sits at the Core of an Effective Marketing Strategy —UK Tech News @uktnofficial By Illana Como

While the need to publicise a business to external stakeholders has been universally recognized since ancient civilizations carved adverts in stone, engaging with internal populaces has perhaps historically been viewed as a less vital element of the marketing mix. However, the two are not mutually exclusive: communicating the vision and direction of a business internally is crucial to enhancing customer brand perception – particularly at a time when social media means that every employee is effectively a spokesperson.

Content Marketers Don’t Have a Monopoly on Business Storytelling: Internal Comms Is Getting in the Game, Too  — Skyword @skywordBy Lauren McMenemy @TheContentType

Storytelling is not just reserved for content marketing; all aspects of the communications field are harnessing the techniques of storytelling to reap engagement rewards. Nowhere is this more important than in internal communications strategy, where you might have a captive audience, but there’s no guarantee they’re listening.

“Stories motivate employees, helping them to understand purpose, and commit to bigger concepts such as organizational change and values. They make a connection between the employee, the company, and the leadership at a far more personal level.” —Suzanne Peck, president of the Institute of Internal Communications

US firms are Ignoring Internal Communications — HR Dive @hrdiveBy Valerie Bolden-Barrett

Internal communications, generally, have been seeing a major shift due in part to new technology — and a new social environment partly driven by the internet. It’s harder for employers to hide what is going on inside a company from outside eyes thanks to social media, meaning companies are having to re-examine how they communicate both internally and externally. A company that has invested effort in understanding the true working experience at a company — and communicating that through both inside and outside channels will ultimately have a happier workforce, experts previously told HR Dive. Marketing and HR have somewhat teamed up in this regard, but as this study notes, the closely aligned nature of the departments does not always lead to integration.

10 Places to Showcase Your Emloyer Brand, HR — HR Gazett @TheHRGazette, By Kristina @TalentLyft

“In a modern world of talent acquisition, Employer Brand is used to present the company as a great place to work. Research shows that a strong Employer Brand can significantly help you attract new and retain your current employees. Did you know that 75% of candidates research company’s reputation before applying for a job opening? And if they don’t like what they see, 69% of candidates won’t apply – even if they are unemployed!”

What is Recruitment Marketing and How Do the Best Employers Use it? — By Sushman Biswas, The HR Technologist

“As talent management goes digital, the lines between marketing and recruiting are becoming increasingly blurred. The rise of social media, the shift in workforce demographics, and easy access to information have transformed how candidates approach employment prospects.”

“Recruitment marketing applies the principles of modern marketing, such as omni-channel communication, analytics, hyper-targeted messaging, and technology-enabled automation to attract, engage, and nurture passive talent by reinforcing the employer brand or the employer value proposition (EVP).”

The Power Of Employee Reviews For Your Employer Brand — Forbes, By, Moritz Kothe

“Most organizations spend tons of time thinking about their consumer brand — how prospective customers perceive their products or services, how effectively their brand communicates the information it needs to attract those paying customers and the ROI on all of the marketing activities they’re doing to grow that public brand.

However, as second nature as it is for your organization to care about consumer branding, you may not be able to say the same when it comes to employer branding. Some companies are making a real, enviable effort with their employer branding strategies to help them attract candidates; however, a vast majority of established companies today have yet to do the same.”


Facing Challenges Attracting Quality Candidates, Recruiters Are Embracing A Multi-Solution Approach To Sourcing — PR Newswire

“Today’s strong economy is increasing the overall demand for talent, so recruiters are under tremendous pressure,” said Bob Melk, Chief Commercial Officer, Monster. “That underscores the need for an integrated recruitment strategy spanning the entire candidate lifecycle—from employment branding that introduces candidates to the cultural differences that demonstrate how your company is a great place to work, to social recruiting that targets passive candidates and engagement tools that let you connect via text messaging…”

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