Employee Experience Roundup – Learn why you need an Employee Value Proposition & how behavioral science can help improve your internal communications

September 10, 2018by Shona LepisRecruiting and RetentionThe EX Roundup


We’ve been a little quiet lately on our blog since we’ve been deep in client work and wrapping up summer. But we’re back with our Weekly Employee Experience Roundup! For this week’s roundup, we’ve curated articles on, “The importance of living EVPs in the current recruitment crisis” and how to “Improve your internal communications through behavioral science” plus more.

The importance of living EVPs in the current recruitment crisisThe HR Director, By Moira Throp
“Clearly, employers are looking for ways to compete more effectively in the current candidate-led recruitment market, and one area of increasing importance is Employee Value Propositions (EVPs). These give organizations the opportunity to identify and promote a more holistic, vibrant and authentic employment offering to new candidates than the traditional salary and benefits package.”

Improve your internal communications through behavioral science — Poppulo, By Thea Knight
“Inspiring employees to act is one of the most important roles of an internal communicator – the ability to turn policies and strategies into action. Yet, in practice, it can also be one of the toughest parts of the job. This is where behavioral science comes in.”

Internal Communications Should Be Considered Internal Branding: Four Principles For Success Forbes Agency Council, By Brian Sullivan
“HR professionals have been advocates for more thoughtful communications with employees for years. They know the value of going beyond the baseline of informing people of company news and engaging them with the brand and any associated partnerships. Some studies show that less than 30% of employees believe in the brand that employs them. So, at any given time, 70% or more of the people tasked with serving a customer base are at best indifferent and at worst dismissive of the brand.”

Making This One Thing Part of Your Company Culture Will Boost Employee Engagement and Retention — LinkedIn Talent Blog, By Samantha McLaren
“While establishing employee volunteer programs is an obvious way for companies to give back to their communities and build their brands, there’s an additional benefit: volunteer programs are a powerful engagement and retention tool. In fact, when employees feel connected to their company’s giving and volunteering efforts, turnover drops by an average of 57%.”

The Un-Ignorable Link Between Employee Experience And Customer Experienceblakemichellemorgan.com By @BlakeMichelleM
There is an undeniable link between employee experience and customer experience. Companies that lead in customer experience have 60% more engaged employees, and study after study has shown that investing in employee experience impacts the customer experience and can generate a high ROI for the company. Here are 10 companies that have seen the benefit of engaging their employees to build customer experience.

Why we need to treat our employees as thoughtfully as our customers TED Talk, By Diana Dosik
“Today’s companies know everything there is to know about their customers and will stop at nothing to ensure that their experience is pleasant and meaningful. But what if they directed some of that same energy at understanding and engaging their employees? What are the potential payoffs for a better motivated, more loyal and imaginatively innovating workforce? Diana Dosik shares her experiences turning the tables of customer research and experience onto employees to create smarter and better companies.”

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