The Employee Experience Roundup – September 19, 2017

September 19, 2017by Shona LepisThe EX Roundup


Welcome to our weekly round-up of articles and resources, guidance and inspiration for those who have a role and responsibility in shaping the employee experience. We include a variety of sources and topics ranging from Employer Branding, Content, Employee Communications & Campaigns, Recruitment Marketing, and workplace culture.

In this week’s employee experience roundup learn ‘Why Employers Should take an Active Approach this Open Enrollment Season’ and get insights on leadership from PepsiCo chief executive Robbert Rietbroek who asks his team to ‘leave loudly.’

  • Why Employers Should take an Active Approach this Open Enrollment Season — EBN, @ebnmagazine, By Gil Murdock, Kay Curling
    “This open enrollment season is a chance for employers to start fresh. Consider an active approach to employee engagement and help teams become smarter about their healthcare options. Yielding reduced healthcare spend and happier employees, this approach truly is a grade above outdated enrollment processes.”
  • The Customer Experience Is The New Battle in the War For Talent — Talaera, By Igor Bobryk
    “As a result of the corporate world’s struggle to fill its critical positions, a great deal of attention has been gathered around the candidate experience. It’s considered to be a decisive factor in attracting talented candidates and influencing their decision about whether or not to accept an offer, re-apply for a position, or recommend the company to their network.”
  • Why PepsiCo CEO asks his team to ‘leave loudly’ —, By Frank Chung @franks_chung
    “EVERY day, PepsiCo chief executive Robbert Rietbroek asks his team to do one thing before they leave the office.”
  • Three Basic Conditions for Employee Experience Success Using Data and People Analytics — LinkedIn, Laura Stevens, PhD
    “Today’s highly competitive talent economy demands that successful companies differentiate themselves from the pack in more complicated ways. Central to this is being able to understand and positively impact the experience of its employees.”
  • Building an Employment Branding Strategy: Tips for Employers — EmploymentAlert, By Jessica Cody
    “If you run a successful business, chances are you take advantage of different avenues to create a brand that attracts customers. This includes social media, content marketing, and enticing advertisements across multiple channels.  If you want to attract quality talent to bring your business, even more, success, you must put just as much effort into your employment branding strategy.”

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