The Employee Experience Roundup – September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017by Shona LepisThe EX Roundup


Welcome to our weekly roundup of articles and resources, guidance and inspiration for those who have a role and responsibility in shaping the employee experience. We include a variety of sources and topics ranging from Employer Branding, Content, Employee Communications & Campaigns, Recruitment Marketing, and workplace culture.

This week’s Employee Experience Roundup includes insights on “Changing the Conversation from Improving Employee Perks vs. Crushing the Employee Experience” and learn how “How to Effectively Tell Your Employer Brand Story” plus more.

  • Changing the Conversation from Improving Employee Perks vs. Crushing the Employee Experience — Hufington Post @HuffPost, By “Seth Eliot” Santoro @iamsetheliot
    “Gone are the days when Employees were satisfied with the status quo. Thanks to millennials pushing boundaries, benefits, and expectations, if you want the competitive edge in today’s 21st century multi-generational workforce, your company must adapt to some, if not all, of the strategic thoughts below. Right now, courts all over the United States are executing rulings and decisions daily which will affect your organization swiftly and immediately. Remember, too, the conversation is shifting — whether you want it to or not. It’s not about employee benefits and perks anymore, it’s about enhancing the overall employee experience.”
  • Resources to Measure Internal Communication — IC Kollectif @IC_Kollectif
    “It’s no secret that a great number of communication practitioners don’t measure and evaluate internal communication. For many, this task is not an easy one. Though high-effective organizations have been shown to practice IC and measurement more than low-effective organizations, only 50 percent of practitioners have a formal approach 
to measuring and evaluating their internal communication initiatives.”
  • How to Effectively Tell Your Employer Brand Story — LinkedIn, By Meghan M. Biro, @MeghanMBiro
    “As competition for top talent continues to heat up, here’s a recruitment strategy worth embracing—tapping into your company’s biggest assets, your employees. By now you’ve come to realize that for better (or for worse!), the people who work for your company double as corporate ambassadors. They’re “the living, breathing embodiment of what you stand for as an employer,” writes Adam Glassman, a recruitment strategies manager. What they say about your corporate brand on social media and online job sites matters.”
  • Data: The Internal Communications Blind Spot? Poppulo @PoppuloSays, By Lisa Pantelli @lisapantelli
    “For decades, marketing and sales teams have recognized the power of data to drive sales and customer engagement. In the world of communications, PR campaigns are increasingly strategic and developed based on audience insights. Yet, when it comes to internal communications and employee engagement, the sector remains woefully behind.”
  • Why Transparency Matters to Employee ExperienceINC, By Jacob Morgan @jacobm
    “Powerful drivers are forcing organizations to create places where employees genuinely want to show up to work. Let’s rewind the clock 10 to 15 years. At that time, if you worked for an organization that wasn’t really treating people well, what would you do? In most cases, not much. There really wasn’t much transparency in the workplace, and employees didn’t have much of a voice. This meant that most organizations could pretty much treat employees however they wanted. Big organizations had cash and brand power, which translated to being able to attract the best talent. Brand power today ain’t what it used to be. You don’t automatically want to work for a company like Starbucks, Disney, or Ford just because of the name. These organizations are having to try much harder to get the people they need and want, and transparency is the key.”
  • Employee Engagement is Dead, Long Live Employee Experience — Link Humans, The Employer Branding Podcast @linkhumans, By, Jörgen Sundberg
    “I love a bold statement. “Employee engagement is dead” is up there. But why would a man who spent most of his career preaching employee engagement say that it’s dead? We speak to Cliff Ettridge of The Team to learn what’s going on. Have a listen to the interview below, keep reading for a summary and be sure to subscribe to the Employer Branding Podcast.”

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