The Employee Experience Roundup – September 5, 2017

September 5, 2017by Shona LepisThe EX Roundup


Welcome to our weekly roundup of articles and resources, guidance and inspiration for those who have a role and responsibility in shaping the employee experience. We include a variety of sources and topics ranging from Employer Branding, Content, Employee Communications & Campaigns, Recruitment Marketing, and workplace culture.

In this week’s EX roundup, we share our latest blog post on company culture. You can’t escape it. Your brand is powered by employees: how they act internally will be reflected externally, which is something that you cannot ignore. Find out how to take action to become an “Employer of Choice” culture. Also included, are insights from Airbnb on Creating an Amazing Employee Experience and how thinking like a marketer can help HR.

EX Weekly Roundup

  • Nowhere to Hide: Company Culture in Full View — By Mike Lepis, Creative Director at Vignette, @mikevignette
    Do you have a strong employee culture? Whether or not you realize it, your employees are your employer brand. Technology has given them a platform and articles spotlighting positive employee culture have given them a measuring stick. Learn why your culture is your brand and take action to become an “Employer of Choice” culture.
  • Employee Experience — LinkedIn, By Elliott Nelson
    Who Cares, Why it Matters and What People are Doing about it?
    Early results from 200+ Companies in a global EX survey. “Successful EX implementation requires that HR think more like Marketing, and that organizations listen to employees in the same way they listen to customers. We are dealing with holistic journeys more than engagement and need a robust transformation to address culture and mindset. The way to build EX is to customize to your organizational context through use of design thinking and from the outside in.”
  • 3 Lessons from Airbnb on Creating an Amazing Employee Experience, — INC, By Jacob Morgan, @jacobmorgan
    “Employee experience is a hallmark of a forward-thinking company that cares about its employees and wants to provide them with the resources to be successful. While the exact experience will look different at each organization, companies that can follow the principles of Airbnb will be on the path to success.”
  • Purpose? Values? Innovation? What’s the Real Key to Company Culture Success? — INC, By, Adam Fridman
    What makes a company culture successful, or not? What makes it attractive and engaging to customers, employees, and others familiar with your brand?
    “So what’s the key to company culture? Is it purpose or values? Innovation, or personal and professional growth? If you want a culture where employees bring their heart and soul to work; if you want partnerships to replace relationships of convenience with customers, you’ll need all of these. They’re each an integral part of a successful company culture.”
  • Why Employee Experience is the Next Can’t-Miss HR Trend —TechTarget, By Diann Daniel
    ‘Employee experience’ — with influences from areas such as customer experience and design thinking — is becoming critical in today’s war for talent. Here’s a deep dive into why.

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