Forbes Agency Council Member Spotlight: Gregg Apirian

September 14, 2016by Shona LepisInside Vignette


Get to know Gregg Apirian, Vignette’s Managing Director in his Forbes Agency Council Member Spotlight.

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Forbes Agency Council members work with a diverse set of clients across numerous fields. To share their expertise on everything from marketing to branding and more, we’re profiling Forbes Agency Council members here on the blog. This week: Gregg Apirian.

Gregg Apirian is the managing director at Vignette, a company that describes itself as “the employee experience agency.” Gregg, who has two decades of experience in entrepreneurial and executive-level roles, joined Vignette in 2012 to lead andmanage business growth. His responsibilities include agency-wide vision and strategy, operations and finance, business development and engagement management.

How did your career as an agency executive take off, and what doyou attribute your success to most?

I began my career in digital, as co-founder and CEO of BLITZ. We were a bunch of young, talented, business-hungry kids looking to wow the marketplace. Our big break came when we won an important assignment from GE, helping to move away from their longtime tagline, “We Bring Good Things to Life,” to “Imagination At Work.”

The success of this project put us on the map; from there, the business grew and so did our experience. During our rapid growth, we began to see new challenges appear. When I look back on it now I can say with comfort that we made many good decisions and many bad ones, too. I attribute my success today to having been given a platform to lead and learn. The mistakes I made have helped me fine tune my craft and deliver value to myself, my family, my peers and my clients.

How do you keep yourself creative and driven regardless of how busy you are day to day?

This comes easily to me, as it is in my DNA to be driven and creative. I take on difficult tasks so that I am challenged, engaged and put in situations where working as a team is a core requirement to solve the problem. When one person starts with an idea and others play around with it, magic starts to happen.

I also find inspiration in what other thought leaders are talking about, as I always find value and practical use for their advice.

What do you seeas the future of media strategy or advertising?

I think the future of delivering customer experiences will be more dependent on where a company is with its employee experience. Companies will have to spend more time, resources and dollars advancing or transforming culture and employee experiences to meet the needs of the customer experience. The businesses that do will see the lift in overall performance, employee engagement, and overall brand affinity.

What is your best PR, marketing or advertising tip for businesses?

Identify your thought leaders and give them a content marketing platform to deliver and curate their messages to your audience. Whether this is done through a blog, social channels, speaking engagements or conference attendance, market your expertise by targeting your audience and engage them on a continuous basis. You can build a positive reputation as an influencer, deliver advice to those who really need it, and generate qualified leads

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Shona Lepis

Shona is responsible for Vignette’s marketing practice, covering everything from agency brand aesthetics to positioning, and managing the agency’s web and social presence.