Halloween Contest at Vignette

October 31, 2013by Shona LepisInside Vignette1


Happy Halloween! We’re having a costume contest at Vignette. Please vote for your favorite Halloween costume on Facebook or Instagram.

Zombie Cher, Brains, I got you Brains.
Zombie Cher, Brains, Igot you Brains.
don't bother me. I'm sleeping.
don’t bother me. I’m sleeping.
"In this style 10/6"
“In this style 10/6”
Walk of Shame...or Stride with Pride
Walk of Shame…or Stride with Pride
The firefighter, wait for it....
The firefighter, wait for it….
The Sassy Dalmation
The Sassy Dalmation
The Fire Hydrant! See his owner above.
The Fire Hydrant! See hisowner above.
Countess Dogula.
Countess Dogula.

Shona Lepis

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