How to Work Well with Your Agency as a Partner to Engage Employees During Constant Change

February 26, 2014by Gregg ApirianLeadership and Strategy


Join us at the “Internal Branding: Aligning Internal Communications and Brand Messaging to Engage Employees and Drive A Brand-Centric Culture Linked with Strategic Goals,” Conference March 31-April 2, 2014 in Toronto.

Internal Branding harmonizes all the activities that together influence employee conduct in relation to the brand promise and brand performance. It is crucial for employee engagement, it ensures that employees know and understand the brand values that their organization follows and apply them in their decisions in a customer-oriented way.

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I will be speaking on How to Work Well with Your Agency as a Partner to Engage Employees During Constant Change.

If you are working with, orplan to work with, an agency to helpyou define or refine your strategies to deliver creative solutions to engage your employees and achieve your brand’s business objectives, then this workshop is for you!

Technology and social media have spurred new companies, products, services and behaviors whilenew mobile, tablet and other related devices are launched in the marketplace on a monthly basis. What does this all mean? It means people are overwhelmed and often lack the insight to know how to engage employees.

This session will share strategies to help you:

  • Clearly define the business issues you are trying to solve and provide agency partners with information they require to deliver successful outcomes
  • Work more effectively with outside partners to help navigate through change and deliver the results you’re looking for
  • Turn employees into brand ambassadors and keep them engaged overtime
  • Help you think outside the box to concept disruptive solutions that fuel engagement

Hope to see you there!

Gregg Apirian

Employee Experience Leader | Marketing, Communications & Technology Expert