Join us at the ALI 7th Intranet & Digital Workplace Summit

April 13, 2017by Shona LepisInside VignetteTechnology & Platforms


Modernize Your Intranet to Increase Sharing and Engagement

Is your Intranet a memorable experience for your employees? Should all companies be looking at your Intranet as a best practice case study? Or do you need a whole new Intranet experience for your company?

Join us at the ALI 7th Intranet & Digital Workplace Summit, June 20 – 22 in San Francisco. Our Managing Director, Gregg Apirian, will be the event facilitator as well as a presenter. Learn how to plan for and execute a modern day Intranet and digital experiences that are seen by your employees as valuable communication channels and vehicles.

Learn How to Evolve Your Intranet and  Digital Experiences

Communication is a vital component of success in modern society. It is the most basic building block of relationships and teams, and as such, is of paramount importance in business. For far too long the Intranet has been seen and used as what many call the “hub” of communications for a business, however as the experiences and technology have evolved for the customer experience, we haven’t seen the experiences and technology evolve as fast for Intranets and other digital channels—until now. It’s time to understand the opportunities in front of you to elevate the digital experiences for your employees to the same level of perfection your business does for your customers.

Why this is a conference you can’t afford to miss

  • Employees are seeking a modern Intranet that utilizes the latest and greatest design approach and technology. Learn about new technologies, content organization, and interface design strategies to make your Intranet more useful and engaging.
  • Learn how to think about and implement content strategies. Hear from HR and communications experts on how they tackle content organization and user experience design.
  • When it comes to Intranets and digital technology you need IT on your side. Learn from HR and internal communicators on how they partner with their IT departments to plan for, select and deliver Intranets and digital solutions. Register yourself for this conference at the regular price, and bring your IT counterpart for half off! Use promo code: ITHALF.
  • Leverage and optimize existing platforms & technologies to accommodate a cost-conscious culture. Learn from experienced HR and communication leaders who have overcome real challenges with Intranets and digital communications and who have transformed their Intranet on a budget.
  • Gain an inside look at how other organizations are using marketing tactics to promote their new and improved Intranets and digital technologies. Learn from top HR and communications experts how to not only design and build new Intranets and digital technology but to also promote these new tools to drive activation.

Reach out to us before the conference to set up a time to meet Gregg and start a conversation on how Vignette might be able to help your company with your Intranet and digital technology needs.

Register by May 5 to save $400. Use code “SPK0617” for $500 off! To get more information or to register, see visit the conference website.

Shona Lepis

Shona is responsible for Vignette’s marketing practice, covering everything from agency brand aesthetics to positioning, and managing the agency’s web and social presence.