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February 16, 2017by Shona LepisEmployee Engagement


Please join us at the ALI Employee Experience Summit, February 28 – March 2, 2017, in New York City. Our Managing Director, Gregg Apirian, will be leading an Interactive Expert Speaker Panel on: “Shaping and Executing the Employee Experience.” Learn from these expert panelists: Janice Brown, Manager, Brand Experience at FedEx, Meghan Britt, Director, Communications, Danaher, Christine Belknap, Vice President Human Resources – Talent Development, NCR, and our Creative Director, Mike Lepis.

Interactive Expert Speaker Panel: Shaping and Executing the Employee Experience

The employee experience is defined as the sum of all experiences an employee has with his/her employer. Over the past, many years businesses of all types have gone through change, and HR & Communication professionals are being put in a position to transform their vision, approach, and skills to meet the needs to today’s modern employees.

This panel will be comprised of a diverse set of experts managing the employee experience, from office design to recruiting to internal communications to training and development/learning and more.

The discussion will address

  • How to craft a strategy to support the employee experience
  • Where leadership buy-in, budget, and culture play a role
  • Where alignment of all stakeholders plays a role
  • Where data and insight plays a role
  • Where creative plays a role
  • Where measurement plays a role

Attend the ALI Employee Experience Summit

Learn Strategies to maximize employee engagement and drive behavior with cutting-edge people programs and culture initiatives. This unique opportunity will provide you with the chance to interact, collaborate, and benchmark best practices with HR professionals and executives from leading organizations.

Transform your employee experience to achieve higher engagement, productivity, and business results. Learn how other HR leaders are designing, building, and maintaining an employee experience that attracts and retains top talent, and engages employees to deliver better results.

Save $500 of registration by mentioning our speaker discount code “SPK0217.” To get more information or to register, see below or go to the conference website.

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