Join Vignetters Gregg and Mike at the Internal Branding Conference: Coming Soon!

February 25, 2014by Mike LepisEmployee Engagement


Join us at “Internal Branding: Aligning Internal Communications and Brand Messaging to Engage Employees and Drive A Brand-Centric Culture Linked with Strategic Goals,” Conference March 31-April 2, 2014 in Toronto.

Internal Branding harmonizes all the activities that influence employee conduct in relation to the brand promise and brand performance. It is crucial for employee engagement. It ensures that employees know and understand the brand values their organization follows and that they apply them in a customer-oriented way.

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To getmore information or to register, see below or go to the conference web site at:

I will be speaking on: Engaging, Energizing & Aligning Your Employee Engagement With Business Priorities.

Vignette (and our client UGG Australia) believe there is real value in old fashioned face-to-face communication and hearing messages directly from leadership. Events are an opportunity for building relationships, deepening engagement, and to inspire employees to incorporate the overall internal brand strategy. Teams are left engaged, energized, and aligned with business priorities. The results are increased team engagement metrics and a palpable post-conference bump in positive energy throughout the organization.

Learn about UGG Australia’s critical factors and key measures of success in using an event to build a workforce of brand ambassadors, including:

  • Choosing a locationthat supports your organization’s brand values
  • Creating an internal brand identity for the event
  • Team building events that support the company mission
  • Using the best assets you can find when working with limited budgets

Hope to see you there!

Mike Lepis

As a Chief Strategy Officer, Mike leads our team to develop strategy, insights and creative solutions to drive employee engagement. He believes through human-centered design and strategic communications—employees will get behind a brand and its mission.