Monthly Round-Up: Employee Experience is the Future of Work

July 31, 2015by Shona LepisCultural TransformationEmployee EngagementLeadership and Strategy


Welcome to our monthly round-up of articles and resources on internal communications and employee engagement. We tweet the articles and share on our social channels but in case you missed them here is a few of our favorites on the blog. The theme this month is employee experience.

We have all heard of the customer experience, which is defined as the resulting affinity a customer feels when interacting with your brand. As internal communications has become more sophisticated over the past few years we have started to see the emergence of the employee experience; which is now something that many HR and communications leaders and executives around the world are focusing on. Similar to the customer experience, the employee experience is the resulting affinity and alignment with the company an employee feels when the company interacts with them.

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  • Why The Future Of Work Is All About The Employee Experience
    —By Jacob Morgan, @jacobm
    “Decades ago nobody cared about the employee experience because all of the power was in the hands of employers. They simply needed to list a job and give people a place to do that job, nothing else really mattered. There was no focus on engagement, inspiration, empowerment, designing beautiful workplaces, using modern technology, or the like. All of these things have just recently become mainstream topics of discussion. In fact the Society for Human Resource Management found that the top priority for those in HR is talent management. Why? Because the power has now shifted into the hands of employees. Organizations have always assumed that they can create a place where they assumed people needed to work there and are now realizing that they must create a place where people want to work there.”
  • Airbnb Chief Human Resource Officer Becomes Chief Employee Experience Officer
    —By Jeanne Meister, @jcmeister
    “Today, forward-looking companies are well aware that top talent is looking for more than a job with benefits. While some companies create experiences central to the “place of work,” such as access to gym facilities, free massages, and gourmet food, Airbnb is building what I call the “workplace as an experience™.” The essence of the “workplace as an experience” is where allthe elements of work—the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, the virtual, and the aspirational—are carefully orchestrated to inspire employees.”
  • The Customer Within: How ‘Employee Experience’ Is HR’s Competitive Differentiator
    —By Aaron Lazenby @alazenby
    “In a highly competitive climate, it is imperative for executives to develop strategies to retain their top talent. This is not easy to do with the largest network in the world, the referral network, open 24/7 courtesy of social media. To tackle this challenge, many HR leaders are moving away from a focus on servicedelivery and cost reduction and toward building great employee experiences. This shift—part of the modernization of HR—requires a transformation in organizational culture and the embrace of IT tools that reflect new (and changing) business practices and deliver workforce insight.”

Shona Lepis

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