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Your people = Your brand, Insights into Employer Branding

April 17, 2014by Shona LepisEmployer BrandingRecruiting and Retention

In the über-brand-conscious world we live in, we form tribes around the brands we love. Are you a Mac or PC person? I myself am a diehard Apple fan. I’m pretty much attached to my iPhone. I love what a well-supported brand it is. When I need help I make a genius bar appointment and connect with a real person who is always very helpful and engaged.


Dear HR Professionals: Adapt or Die

April 2, 2014by Mike LepisCultural Transformation

You are all well aware that your audience is changing. Employee experiences, expectations, and the ability to voice them are a different animal these days. As an HR pro you need to be thinking about how to adapt to stay connected to employees and maximize your impact within the organization. This is equally important vertically to upper management and throughout the entire organization.