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2015: The Year of the Employee Experience

December 31, 2015by Gregg ApirianInside VignetteEmployee Engagement

2015 was an important year for HR and Communications professionals. Long under-equipped and underfunded compared to their marketing/advertising counterparts, more companies than ever are now realizing how important the employee experience is for fueling the company’s growth. This change of methodology has been highlighted in the press, and we’ve seen major cultural shifts (like Airbnb, who recently changed their Chief Human Resources Officer’s title to Chief Employee Experience Officer) that reflect top companies’ laser focus on meeting the needs of their employees to better serve their customers. In 2015, Vignette saw a surge of big companies and global brands who reached out to us to discuss their challenges and seek our expertise to help evolve their HR and communication practices.


Roundup: Great Customer Experience Starts with Your Culture and Employee Experience

August 31, 2015by Shona LepisLeadership and StrategyEmployee EngagementThe EX RoundupCultural Transformation

With the recent NYT article on Amazon's culture in the news we thought employee experience and culture would be a fitting theme for our August blog round-up. There has always been a big focus on customer experience. We have always advocated that the employee experience is just as valuable.