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Come See Us at Our Design Week Portland Open House

September 3, 2014by Shona LepisInside Vignette

Design Week Portland is a week long series of interactive events, installations and conversations showcasing the evolving state of design in our city. Portland is filled with spaces and faces that thrive off of design. There's no better way to share what this city has to offer than to let guests experience it first-hand, inside the doors of 100+ studios, agencies, firms, and retail spaces.


Link Internal and External Branding, or Else

March 6, 2014by Mike LepisInternal Communications

Everyone hates false advertising. In the old days, you might say, “I’m going to write a letter.” and then never do it. Today, you’ll say, “I’m going to Tweet about that.” and you probably will. Everyone has a megaphone, a soapbox, and a captive audience that can echo, relay, text, re-tweet, post, like, favorite, cut and paste… you get the picture.


Project Management: It Starts with a Discovery

January 8, 2014by Dave StawinskiInside Vignette

In the last post about project management I tried to convince you that project management is a good thing. Like, in general. Judging from the reader response, I was preaching to the choir there. You're thinking, "OK, I understand I need you to manage my project, but how are you going to do it, smart guy?" So, that's cool! In the spirit of our New Year, New Starts theme, let's dive right into this with how we start a project at Vignette.