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This is Your Brain on ESN

April 8, 2014by Dave StawinskiTechnology & Platforms

Consumer-based social networks like Facebook, are engines of social and consumer engagement. Your Enterprise Social Network (Yammer, Jive, Chatter, etc.) is based on them, and wants to be a social network optimized to promote employee engagement. So your ESN will hook your employees on engagement? Addict them to productivity? Create a virtuous cycle? Yes. You can do that, but it takes a plan.


2014’s Top 12 Employee Engagement Trends

January 28, 2014by Shona LepisEmployee Engagement

We all know that an engaged employee is a happy employee. But, employers are recognizing the value of elevated internal communications in driving real business results through their engaged employees. In addition to their bright smiles, Gallup’s 2013 Global Engagement Survey reports engaged employees positively effect everything from productivity, to profitability, quality, lower absenteeism, less turnover, and even healthcare costs. Hooray for the engaged employee!