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Strategy vs. Tactics: Why It’s Important To Distinguish the Difference

July 19, 2016by Gregg ApirianInternal Communications

Let’s begin with a scenario. You are an HR or internal communications professional, and you have been tasked with communicating something important to the employees you serve. You think the best way to communicate this information is through a poster that will be hung up on all floors near the elevators and to post the information somewhere on your Intranet. Before you read on let me ask you this — do you think this a strategy or tactic?


The Employee Experience: Understand Your Internal Communications Audience (Part 2 of 5)

December 14, 2015by Gregg ApirianEmployee Engagement

In Part 1, Architecting the Employee Experience (Part 1 of 6), we introduced and defined the concept of the employee experience. We made the point that if companies want to accomplish their business objectives, recruit the best-fit talent, and effectively deliver a seamless customer experience; then they must place as much attention into developing the employee experience as they do towards the customer experience. But to do this, HR and Communications professionals must first accurately understand their audience: their wants, needs, motivational drivers, frustrations, and use the most effective strategies, tactics, channels and vehicles to communicate, train and engage employees.