The Top 13 Thought Leaders in Employee Engagement

July 1, 2014by Darryl FeldmanEmployee Engagement


Everyone’s got a “Best of” list, right? So, why not us in the world of employee engagement, internal communications, and human resources? Here’sa quick (and great) list to get you started on the right foot to up your Employee Engagement IQ. By no means is this exhaustive. If you’ve got more, let us know and we can add ’em to our list.


  • Michael Beck: A fellow Portlander and employee engagement and executive coach. An engaging follow at @Michael_Beck.
  • Mark Ellis: Mark is a professional Corporate Culture Changer and is the Founder of Culture Transform. He’s also an admirer of analytics (measure, measure) and a Core Group member of Engage for Success. You can follow Mark at @CultureEffect.
  • Chuck Gose: Chuck is VP of STRATACACHE, a digital signage, interactive media, and content company. Oh, and he’s also a big fan of employee engagement. You can follow Chuck at @chuckgose.
  • Rodney Jordan: Rodney is the Director of Employee Communications for Coca-Cola Enterprises (and an award-winning one, too). You can follow him at @RodneyJord  (and grab an ice-cold Coke anywhere and everywhere).
  • Kevin Kruse: He’s The New York Times bestselling author of several books on employee engagement, including: WE: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement, Employee Engagement 2.0, and Employee Engagement for Everyone. He’s also a Forbes columnist, entrepreneur, and a keynote speaker on Wholehearted Leadership for Employee Engagement. You can find Kevin on the web at and @kruse.
  • Jathan Janove: Director of Employee Engagement Solutions at Ogletree Deakins, speaker, author, and a fellow Portlander. Welcome aboard at @jathanjanove.
  • Bob Kelleher: Bob’s the Founder of The Employee Engagement Group, a global leadership development and employee engagement firm. Get engaged at @BobKelleher.
  • Curtis Midkiff: He’s an amateurDJ, and the Director of Social Engagement for the Red Cross. Don your red, gather your goodwill, and follow Curtis at @clmidkiff.
  • Scott Monty: After driving Ford’s social media efforts, Scott’s a big numbers guy on the changing landscape of business, tech, communications, marketing, and leadership. Tool up and visit and @ScottMonty.
  • Diana Oreck: Always good to learn from one of the best. Diana is the VP of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, and is a customer service excellence maven. Follow her at @dianaoreck.
  • Mark Otto: Mark helps growing companies navigate the key management challenges the face as they grow and scale. Grab your compass and head over to and @GrowthMine.
  • Tim Wright: Tim’s a performance consultant and employee engagement expert at Dell.  He’s also from Texas (so don’t mess with him). Log on at and @timwright49.
  • David Zinger: Named “the Seth Godin of Employee Engagement,” David is the premier independent global expert, author, educator, and speaker on employee engagement. He’s also the founder of the Employee Engagement Network. You can find David on the web at and @davidzinger.


Don’t see your favorite employee engagement thought leader here? We’d love to hear who made your list!

Pssst! Stay tuned for more Top lists!  Next week: The Top Thought Leaders in Internal Communications.

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Darryl Feldman