Use video to improve employee engagement at brand events

November 19, 2014by Mike LepisEmployee EngagementInternal CommunicationsStorytellingVideo


Events bridge the gap between leadership teams and field employees who are the face of your brand. Nothing you can do as a leader is betterthan putting face time in with the individuals that interact on a daily basis with your customers. How employees engage with your brand is just as important as how customers engage with your brand. And hearing from leadership, face-to-face at events helps elevate the importance of this message. Employees are the face of your brand; they are your ambassadors, and when you invest in getting the right message to your managers the results are significant.

How to engage employees at events

There are several different approaches you can take at your event to engage the audience. Previous blog posts have shared the benefits of mobile apps and the value they bring to further engaging attendees with the content and their peers. While mobile apps will continue to become more of a staple at events, I highly recommend the one tried and true method that people have used for years: storytelling with videos. We are particularly fond of sizzle reels – also known as excite or amplify videos.

Five reasons why video sizzle reels helptell your story at events

Sizzle reels have an immeasurable impact and can serve as a valuable tool for several reasons.

  1. First and foremost, they’re a fantastic wayto kick off the day by energizing the audience. They serve as an icebreaker and help set the tone of excitement for both the audience and presenters.
  2. Sizzle reels have an emotional impact. They are an excellent way to communicate the theme of your event by invoking feelings of courage, humor, creativity, or inspiration in your audience.
  3. Video helps tell your story. They set the tone for the content and purpose of the day. And we all need an alternative to PowerPoint presentations.
  4. Video provides a way to creatively blend information like financial accomplishments, press coverage, and marketing campaigns into visually captivating stories that engage your internal audience.
  5. Last but not least, sizzle reels communicate a lot of information in a few short minutes. Additionally, they can be made accessible via the Internet on YouTube or Vimeo for your employees dispersed around the globe to access.

At the Deckers’ 2014 Customer Experience Conference, we created a 2 minute video that was a retrospective of the previous year. The sizzle video highlighted the accomplishments of the company and kicked off the entire event with a sense of pride. Deckers had an incredible 2013 and wanted to start their conference by acknowledging that fact.  The video was the cornerstone of the conference theme, “Set the Stage, Tell the Story.” – laying the foundation of how they have brought themselves to where they are now.

Check out the sizzle video below and we’d love to hear your thoughts. What kind of video do you feel is most effective for energizing your audience at events?


Mike Lepis

As a Chief Strategy Officer, Mike leads our team to develop strategy, insights and creative solutions to drive employee engagement. He believes through human-centered design and strategic communications—employees will get behind a brand and its mission.