Webinar: Creating and implementing a successful internal communications strategy

November 8, 2017by Shona LepisInternal CommunicationsLeadership and Strategy


Webinar: Creating and implementing a successful internal communications strategy

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” —Benjamin Franklin

Book your place at our upcoming webinar: Thursday, November 30th, 8am PST | 11am EST. Our friends at Poppulo will be hosting the webinar and Vignette’s Managing Director Gregg Apirian and Creative Director Mike Lepis, will discuss the critical importance of having an Internal Communications Strategy – and guide you through the steps for developing and implementing a strategy that places internal comms central to driving business goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the difference between tactics and strategy
  • Working with the four pillars to success
  • Using research & insights to remove the guesswork
  • The building blocks you need to create your strategy
  • Implementing your strategy

Watch the webinar now!

Also, be sure to check out and download the related FREE Whitepaper: Ultimate Guide to Internal Communications Strategy.

About Poppulo:

Poppulo is the global leader in employee communications technology. Our pioneering software and expert advisory services are transforming internal communications, creating more connected, aligned and successful organizations all over the world.

We chose our name – which comes from the Latin for people – because people are at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that an engaged workforce aligned behind a common purpose can transform the performance of any organization.

That belief gives us our core purpose and mission: to create groundbreaking products and services that make organizations great by releasing the power of their people and putting employee communications at the heart of organizations, where it belongs. We like to call it success from within, and here’s to yours!

About Vignette:

Vignette is the Employee Experience Agency™. We help HR & Internal Communications teams engage and activate employees through powerful employer brand engagement; making your company the employer of choice. Since our inception, Vignette has helped companies elevate their employee experience, creating more rewarding connections between employers and employees.

Our unique blend of employee-centric experience design, application of behavioral science and brand-centered communications have enabled our clients to achieve an incredible spectrum of tangible results. From total rewards communications, to improving employee engagement to massive cross-company cultural transformations–we bring to life initiatives that make measurable differences to employers and employees.

Shona Lepis

Shona is responsible for Vignette’s marketing practice, covering everything from agency brand aesthetics to positioning, and managing the agency’s web and social presence.