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Kendall Burton

Brand Strategist

As a Brand Strategist, Kendall’s background spans big corporate and small private brands, in roles from Business Analyst to Brand Director. She’s a problem solver and strategist who loves bringing creativity and clarity to brand communication challenges.

Kendall began her career at Nike HQ, moving through a wide variety of roles and business divisions that varied from business analysis for Nike.com to product line management for the emerging markets region. Following 15 years at Nike, she took a leap for change and joined a small, private company that was working hard to build a growing business – Nutcase Helmets – to manage their product creation and line planning, ultimately taking on the position of brand director.

The connecting thread through her work has been the need for creative problem solving, strategic planning, and a keen desire to understand the audience. She brings those same skills and attributes to her work at Vignette, as well as her advanced communications skills (she’s an English major!) and her willingness to take on any challenge.

Kendall is passionate about branding as a holistic practice – developing brands with purpose and intention that are infused through all aspects of a business (not simply consumer-facing platforms), as well as the importance of understanding how brand impacts employees – the talent on the front lines.

When she’s not dreaming up big ideas, she’s chasing two kids and wrangling two cats (or wrangling the kids and chasing the cats…). If you ask, she’ll happily tell you that her hobbies are “laundry and food preparation” – i.e., she’s a busy mom!