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Employee Experience Design

Architecting meaningful employee experiences begins with a deep understanding of current culture, values, and challenges. Through our thoughtful immersion and discovery activities, Vignette unearths key insights that serve as a north star in the development of strategic communication plans. Leverage these insights to inform internal planning, or partner with Vignette to guide your team through the strategic planning and design of your best employee experience.

  • Internal Communications Strategy
  • Internal Communication Audits
  • Audience Segmentation & Persona Development
  • Channel Strategy
  • Workshop Design and Facilitation
  • Journey Mapping
  • Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups
  • Internal Communications Playbooks and Style Guides

Internal Communications & Campaigns

Research and planning taken to the next level — content strategy and development to activate specific organizational change. This work often encompasses messaging development, leadership alignment, manager training tools, and resource creation – the ‘meat and potatoes’ that turn strategy into action. This is where you make the thing!

  • Campaign Strategy & Planning
  • Initiative and Campaign Creation
  • Leadership Training
  • Purpose & Values Communication
  • Key Message Development & Copywriting
  • Change Management Planning & Communications
  • Internal Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Program Design
  • Communicator Toolkit
  • Internal Brand Activation
  • Benefits Communication/Total Rewards
  • Executive and Leadership Communications/Planning
  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy & Communications

Employer Branding

We thrive on bringing your employer brand to life through considered, meaningful insights crafted into clear visual symbols. Next-level branding happens not just in the business-consumer conversation, but throughout company operations as well. Encourage your employees to deeply connect with your brand purpose and values through the complementary development of your employer brand.

  • Employer Brand Development
  • Style and Content Guide Creation
  • Training & Development Material
  • Coaching Guides
  • Brand Identity & Style Guide
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Architecture
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Onboarding Materials
  • Playbooks & Toolkits
  • Internal Brand Development
  • Video Concept & Scripting

Creative Services

Our super power is our ability to bring consumer-level creative design to Internal Communications. As communicators, we value words and information. As creative designers, we know that great design elevates information and drives employee engagement. From tactical deliverables to large-scale communications campaigns and employer branding, Vignette brings the highest quality design to engage employees.

  • Internal Communications Campaigns
  • Infographic Design
  • Executive Presentations
  • Employer Brand Design
  • Internal Branding/Style Guides
  • Manager Communications/Toolkits
  • Print & Digital Design
  • Video Production
  • Multi-Channel Program Design
  • Content Development
  • Template Design
  •  Toolkits

Experiences & Events

Face-to-face events are a key element in bringing stories and brands to life. Vignette is a skilled producer of experiences—large and small—that make memorable impressions, create lasting connections, and activate your internal communications and employee initiatives. Whether launch party, roll-out reception, town hall or team huddle, we’ll ensure your event is well planned, produced and received.

  • Experience Design & Planning
  • Leadership & Team Support
  • Event Branding
  • Concept Development
  • Presentation Design

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