ANN INC: Culture Transformation Video

Evolving company culture through video.


ANN INC., the parent company of Ann Taylor, LOFT, Lou & Grey, Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT Outlet, manages five different retail channels making up more than 1,000 retail locations and more than 15,000 associates. In 2015, ANN INC. was acquired by Ascena Retail Group.  The acquisition provided ANN INC the opportunity to take a deeper look at its culture and evolve the way the company thought about and lived the culture. Gaining insights from a recent and thorough culture study, it quickly became clear how to inspire the company around a new perspective on culture. Out of this research, a new culture initiative emerged called “Grow Together.” ANN INC approached Vignette to help bring the new culture initiative to life with a video to illustrate and celebrate what makes ANN, and all its sub brands, a very special place to work.


The Story Behind Grow Together

We created a new culture video based on the theme: “Grow Together.” The video showcased engaged ANN INC home office and retail associates telling their story of how they live the ANN culture every day. The video planning and production included:

  • Creative Concept & Messaging: Based on the theme “Grow Together” and sub-themes values of “Collective Spirit” “Individual Shine” we developed a concept and messaging strategy that tactically combined creating awareness for the new culture campaign while also sparking inspiration in every associate—no matter role or location.
  • Script Writing: We wrote a script that positioned the evolved cultural initiative as part of a positive and thriving work experience filled with company-wide support, personal and professional opportunity.
  • Creative Direction & Video Production: Vignette’s creative team planned, managed, and executed all aspects of the video production. This included pre-planning and concepting, selecting talent and rehearsals, location scouting, and multi-location video production. We directed on-screen actors, voice over talent, and ANN INC. associates to deliver an authentic, on brand performance.
  • Post Production: After video production and voice over was complete, Vignette edited multiple versions of the video for use in corporate meetings and digital distribution. In addition, we created a custom extreme widescreen format (3:1) for custom 30’ projection screen.

Video Views Growing By the Minute

The “Grow Together” video premiered at the annual field leadership conference to an amazing reception. Company leaders were engaged and energized by the showcase of the evolution of the ANN INC culture brought to life through video. The video was distributed to all ANN INC employees to support the transformation of the culture. And now, the video is used daily in employer branding and recruiting efforts online and across the Ascena network.

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