Tips, tricks and resources for designing the employee experience.

This is where to find information, guidance and inspiration for those who have a role in shaping or managing the employee experience. Creating effective employee experiences is a team effort—please enjoy and share our contribution.

Inside Vignettes Blog

A blog about all things employee experience and internal communications.

Explore the why, what and how of employee experience through our thoughts on industry news and trends. With topics ranging from employer branding to culture strategy, get to know how we think, and stay current on a variety of topics—you decide what you’d like to learn more about today.

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Architecting the Employee Experience

A blog series that explores how EX drives brand success.

Blog Series: Architecting the Employee Experience

Your employees are culture creators, first adopters and brand evangelists—your first line of defense and the last ones to leave the room. Companies increasingly understand that valuing and nurturing the employee experience positively impacts performance indicators for employee engagement, work/life balance, talent attraction, and employee satisfaction.

Engaging Employees In Your Company Purpose & Culture

A blog series about aligning the employee experience with a company’s purpose.

Blog Series: Engaging Employees In Your Company Purpose

In this 4-part series, we explore an essential concept at the root of our work: aligning the employee experience to a company’s purpose. We have to do more than polish the intranet or have one more ice cream social when the weather gets warm; we need to get to the root of our purpose and how we engage employees.

Develop a Winning IC Strategy

A white paper and webinar on best practices for building an IC strategy.


Measurement and strategy, two important issues for internal communicators, are often ignored or given scant attention. To make creating an internal communications strategy easier, we partnered with our friends at Populo to co-create and publish the white paper,The Ultimate Guide to Internal Communications Strategy.

Inside Vignettes Podcast

Listen in for all things employee experience.

On occasion, we share inspiration via our Inside Vignettes Podcast. We talk about, debate, and celebrate the subject of employee experience. From current workplace trends to interviews with progressive Internal Communications and HR practitioners, we discuss and explore the challenges and opportunities of making companies great places to work.

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Invest in EX to transform your business.

At Vignette we’ve seen a surge of big companies and global brands reach out to us to discuss challenges and seek our expertise in evolving their HR and internal communication practices. Research supports―and the top companies in the world understand—that elevating the employee experience drives business. If you need help making this case or thinking of ways to engage your employees, let us know, we would love to help.