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Vignette Jobs: Strategist

  • Are you curious about how company cultures work?
  • Can you translate a client needs even if they can’t themselves?
  • Can you consult people who need consulting?
  • Can you recognize quality?
  • Are you comfortable leading from the wings and don’t have to be front and center (although, you are ok in that space, too)?
  • Are you flexible?

About us
Vignette, The Employee Experience Agency® is looking for a strategist to work in partnership with our creative director and project teams. First off, flexibility is important. The Strategist position will start out as a part-time contract but may grow into a full-time role. We are growing and know we need someone like you, to grow with us. Vignette is a special kind of agency–we help make lives better for employees at work through strategy and design. Our approach from the start was to take consumer-level creative and strategy and apply it to employee communications. We started over 10 years ago and we have not looked back. We have a diverse and growing list of clients from global brands to smaller regional clients in the PNW. The one common element across all our clients is that they care about their employees, we love that common ground. And we are honored they come to Vignette for great ideas, inspiration, and creative horsepower.

What we’re looking for in a strategist
Here is where you fit in, as a strategist at Vignette, you’ll work hand in hand with the creative director and project teams. You’ll bring insight, professionalism, and creativity to serve the needs of our clients. You will help qualify new opportunities, design engagements, and lead the development of strategies that elevate the employee experience.

Vignette values in a nutshell
If you made it this far that’s great. Here is a little bit more about the inner working of Vignette—we are drawn to people who are passionate, go the extra mile, can navigate unknowns, keep their ego in check, and do all of this with a sense of humor. We have a vision for the agency and a lot of opportunity and need more people like you on our team to help make it happen.

Does this sound like it might be a good fit?
If so, please drop us a note at and include your resume and answers to the following questions.

Answer the following three questions:

  • What has been your favorite job/role to date and why?
  • What is your agency superpower? Come on, you know you are really, really good at something. You can brag, it’s ok.
  • What makes your blood boil? Seriously, what is your non-negotiable?

We look forward to hearing from you!